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Following are our price quote list of our some styles bikes and some options. If you want to buy more than 2 bikes, you can send me email get wholesale price.

1, Price for basic bikes
Bike Model Valve Engine Gear box Starter Size(mm) Price($usd)
Solo bike M1 SV Restored PLA 22HP  4 speed no reverse Kick 2440/1000/1000 2900
M1M SV Restored PLA 24HP  4 speed no reverse Kick and motor 2440/1000/1000 3000
M1MS OHV Brand new 32HP 4 speed no reverse Kick and motor 2440/1000/1000 3400
sidecar bike M1 SV Restored PLA 22HP 4 speed 1 reverse Kick 2440/1590/1000 3300
M1M SV Restored PLA 24HP 4 speed 1 reverse Kick and motor 2440/1590/1000 3400
M1MS OHV Brand new 32HP 4 speed 1 reverse Kick and motor 2440/1590/1000 3800
Above are our basic price for our basic bikes.These bikes all are full restored bikes.Use full restored engines or
 brand-new engines,improved with FAG bearings/ aviation electric wiring/ high performance pistons and rings/ top quality tires/ R71 or R75 style front fender/ seal battery box/ toolbox on frame and hide electric parts inside/ with basic 6 layers paint job, some powder coated parts, no polished parts,less amount chromed parts .Of course you can choose other styles via add following custom-made options. You can also design your dream bike by yourself.
2, Price for top quality chrome packages
For solo bikes For sidecar bikes
Vintage R71 style(least quantity parts) $350usd $450usd
Luxury style 1(middling quantity parts) $720usd $800usd
Luxury style 2(most quantity parts) $790usd $950usd
3, Price for top quality polish package(for all aluminium parts) is $400usd.
4, Price for our best 20 layers paint job
For solo bikes For sidecar bikes
Single colour $350usd $550usd
One colour with smooth pinstripes $450usd $650usd
Colourful Send me email for quote
5, Price for top quality military nonluminous paint
For solo bikes For sidecar bikes
$450usd $650usd
6, Price for our basic 6 layers paint  job
For solo bikes For sidecar bikes
Single colour free free
Add pinstripes $150usd $200usd
7, Price for optional features
Leather works Cowhide main bike seats $25usd/1 unit
Cowhide sidecar seats $75usd/1 set
Cowhide on sidecar bucket inside $150usd/1 set black or cream-colored
Cowhide handles  For free
Boxes Tool box on frame $30usd/1 unit
Cowhide bag beside the rack under passenger seat $51usd/1 unit
Big hand work cowhide bag with bracket $100usd/1 set
Steel AMMO boxes for WWII style bikes $75usd/1 set
10L military Jerry can $43usd/1 set
Stainless steel seal battery box $30usd/1 unit
Steel seal battery box free
Lower front fender Vintage R71 style free
WWII military style free
Driver seats Double springs driver's seat $35usd
Telescopic driver's seat $45usd
Oversize driver's seat 1 $65usd soft cowhide covered
Oversize driver's seat 2 $140usd hard cowhide covered
Engine upgrade High performance piston and piston rings free
24mm MIKUNI CARB $70usd/2 unit
26mm MIKUNI CARB $150usd/2 unit
High speed 4# gears $35usd/1 set
High speed final driver gears $70/1 set
Deep oil sump $50usd
Electronic ignition distribute system $60usd/1 set
Leo's improved shock   Improved front fork(including front fender) $250usd/1 set You can choose only front or
 front and side.
absorption system(comfortable and easy handle,  Improved sidecar frame with spring $250usd/1 set
Never feel spasm or wobble) Rear rockers fork  $350usd/1 set
Top quality chromed Jazz fog lamps $35usd/a pair
Leo's mini air filter<painted> $35usd/1 set
Leo's mini air filter<chromed> $70usd/1 set
BMW R75 tank(with toolbox) $50usd/1 set
Hand gearshift on tank $250usd/1 set
Parking brake $42usd/1 set
Sidecar wheel brake $45usd/1 set
Others Front disc brake $215usd/1 set
Side step alloy/ stainless steel plate $30usd/1 unit
M5 wheel<alloy hub and rim,stainless steel spokes> $140usd/1 set
M1 alloy rim $42usd/1 unit
M1 Stainless steel spokes $1.2usd/1 unit
Military plate wheel $55usd/1 wheel Use widest brake shoes,get most strong brake
German FAG bearings package free
Aviation electric wires free
machine-gun bracket for WWII bikes $45usd
MG42 machine-gun bracket for WWII bikes $150usd
Left cylinder fender $25usd
Front fork rubber sleeve for WWII bikes $8usd/a pair
stronger triple tree for WWII bikes $30usd 
Wood floor $33usd/1 set
       windshield on sidecar<stainless steel frame,thicker organic glass> $50usd
Double seats sidecar bucket including the extra seat  $400usd
lengthened sidecar bucket $200usd
Round face tyre for solo bikes $20usd/each
Seat belt $40usd/each