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Which type oil I should use for my Chang?

1) For engine 2L / 3.85L (normal oil sump / deep oil sump)

  First, we should choice the Mineral engine oil or Semisynthetic oil,

don't use the fully synthetic oil. Second, the API grade should be

API SG or higher. Last is the SAE grade: In warm or hot season,

we should use SAE 15W-50 grade oil; In very cold season we should

use SAE 5W-30 or SAE 10W-30 oil.

2) For gear box (0.8L) and final driver (0.175L)

  In warm and hot season we use same gear oil which you use

for your automobile. In very cold season we use SAE 15W-50 engine oil.                                

                                         3) For fuel tank (22L)

                                          All Chang Jiang 750 use unleaded gasoline.