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You are welcome to visite my

workshop at working time :

Wednesday -- Monday

8:30 -- 19:00

Leo Zhu

               In order to buy a top quality Chang Jiang 750 sidecar or just the motorcycle, 
           choosing  sidecar-leo.com  is your best choice.
              Our custom-bike is guiding the tidal current of luxurious CJ750 / WWII military 
           style CJ750 / BMW R71 classic style CJ750 . 
              Our goal is to excel in attention to detail and holistic tie in.  
              We layer our painting to a mirror finish which is hard to imitate, we try to 
           improve every parts which we can.
              All of our bikes are fully restored & improved 60's and 70's vintage Chinese 
          Army (PLA) bikes. Brand new  bikes are also available.  Bike rentals are available.
          All standard CJ750 parts and custom parts are available for sale separate.