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How to order your customized-bike

   If you indeed hoped for obtains a customized unique PAL antique motorcycle, you can order a custom-made bike according to following steps from Leo's Sidecar Shop.We will try to do our best to realizes your dream.
Step 1

   Determined you want which style bike: World War II style, other military style, luxury style vintage R71 style or standard type.With or without sidecar.of course, if you live in UK, H.K. or Australia... you also may choose the left-hand sidecar.
Step 2


If you are in Beijing
If you are in Beijing, please come by
our shop and see what sidecar we have
usurly we have 3 to 5 sidecar for sale
in our showroom, if you don't know how
to get our shop, please let your driver
give us a call at: 13241406863 .

For international orders
If you are not in Beijing. you can
give us a call at: 13241406863 or Email
us: sidecar@sidecar-leo.com , give us your
order list, we will answered any email
from your.Wherever you are,we can
transport the sidecar to your place.

 Chooses one color or several kind of color matching which you like, if you have this kind of color or the color matching's picture, please send it to us in step 3.We can paint any color on your sidecar.
Step 3

   Sends an email to us, lets us know you want which style and which color or color matching, as well as your novel re-equipping desire. Our team will design a set of complete re-equipping plan in two days for you, and will give you a quoted price.
Step 4

    Tells us which documents you need,when you register a 30 year old motorcycle in yours hometown need to use.And give us a revision re-equipping plan.After exchange discussion with us, finally determines your bike details and the finally price.
Step 5

   Demand our bank account detail,Pay 40% of the aggregate amount as deposit.When we receive your deposit,your motorcycle re-equipping work will starts immediately.After 10-15 days,I will send you some pictures about your bike paint job to report the progress situation to you.Then after 15 days,your bike will be finished.I will send you some pictures again.At the same time,we will drive you motorcycle for road test.
Step 6

   Inspects your motorcycle to be consistent with your order,then pay in full the rest money.When we receive the correct rest money,the transport will start.You should tell us you want the Harbor To Harbor or the Door To Door transport service in step 4 or 3.After 10 days of transport start,you will receive the Bill Of Lading and all paperworks.Now you should wait for your motorcycle finished its marine travel(about 30-40 days).
Step 7

   When you got your sidecar,open the box,take out your motorcycle.Before you start the engine,you must replenishment enough machine oil for crank case,gear box and rear driver.Then you should connection the battery power line and inspection tire pressure.