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Custom parts/accessory

stainless steel parts

Part number


Leo-0001 CJ750 parts Manual in English
Leo-0002 CJ750 instruction in English

Part number

Performance parts

Leo-0003 High performance piston and rings. CJ750 M1/M1M/M1MS available. Recommend by Leo.

High speed 4# gears.

not recommend.

Leo-0005 High speed final driver gears. Recommend for solos or OHV sidecars
Leo-0006 Disc brake for front wheel. important for safety. Recommend by Leo.
Leo-0007 Electronic ignition system. Model A
Leo-0008 magneto generator & electronic ignition kit. Recommend
Leo-0009 Leo's improved front fork system(Earler type). Softer, more comfortable, easier to handle and more reliable. I believe this style fork is the best front fork for a sidecar motorcycle. It is a most important improvement for CJ750 sidecars.Recommend by Leo.
Leo-0010 Leo's improved sidecar frame with spring and hydraulic pressure shock absorption. Softer, very comfortable. Recommend choose it if you choosed "Leo-0008".
Leo-0011 Aviation type electric wiring for whole bike. Thin but stronger, so let bike more dapper, heat & fire-resistant so more reliable. Most important improvement for CJ750 bikes. Recommend by Leo.
Leo-0012 German FAG bearings. Recommend by Leo.
Leo-0013 Alloy cylinders for OHV engine
Leo-0014 24mm MIKUNI carb. Perform nice. Recommend by Leo.
Leo-0015 26mm MIKUNI carb. perform nice. Recommend by leo.
Leo-0016 Deep oil sump.
Leo-0017 Brass floater for CJ's original carbs.
Leo-0018 Heat insulation kit for original PZ carbs. recommend if U use original carbs.
Leo-0019 Hand gearshift on fuel tank(R75 tank shifter replica). Easy to choose gear onto neutral and reverse gear. More important, it is so cool to drive a motorcycle but use both hand gearshift and foot gearshift. Recommend by Leo.
Leo-0020 Double spring system for driver's seat. Recommend by Leo.
Leo-0021 Parking brake
Leo-0022 Sidecar wheel brake. Stop quickly. But don't choice it if you want do some sidecar facrobaticunny act, .
Leo-0023 side stand

Part number

Other parts

Leo-0024 Leo's mini air filter(chromed & powder coated). Recommend.
Leo-0025 Cover for sidecar wheel axle and spare wheel axle(with & without logo; chromed & powder coated.). Recommend.

super bass mufflers, nice deep sounds. Recommend by Leo.

chrome & black

Leo-0027 Chromed Jazz fog lamps. Nice look and very bright.
Leo-0028 Seat belt for sidecar seats. Good for kids.
Leo-0029 Racing tyre for solos.
Leo-0030 Crosscountry tyre. Not recommend.
Leo-0031 Double seats sidecar bucket with slide and folding seat.
Leo-0032 lengthened sidecar bucket .
Leo-0033 Double seats kit for side car .
Leo-0034 windscreen on sidecar. stainless steel frame, thicker plastic glass. Nice look,safe and useful. Recommend.
Leo-0035 Stainless steel floor in sidecar bucket.
Leo-0036 Wooden floor in sidecar bucket.
Leo-0037 stronger triple-tree for WWII bikes
Leo-0038 Front fork rubber sleeve for WWII bikes
Leo-0039 Cylinder guard.
Leo-0040 Machine-gun bracket for WWII bikes (model 1)
MG-43 Leo-0041 Machine-gun bracket for WWII bikes (model 2)
Leo-0042 Steel AMMO box with quick release holder.
Leo-0043 Military shovel
Leo-0044 M5 wheels. Alloy hub and rim, stainless steel spokes and hub cover.
Leo-0045 Alloy M1 rims. No rust, Recommend by Leo.
Leo-0046 Stainless steel spokes. Stronger and no rust. Recommend by Leo.
Leo-0047 Side frame stainless steel step.
Leo-0048 fuel tank with tool box and kneepads.
Leo-0049 hard cowhide covered oversize seat #1. Nice look and comfortable.100% handmade. recommend
Leo-0050 soft cowhide covered oversize seat #2. Nice look and comfortable.100% handmade. recommend
Leo-0051 Soft leather covered oversize seats #3.comfortable. recommend
Leo-0052 10L military jerry can with holder
Leo-0053 Tool & electric box on frame.
Leo-0054 Leo's Handlebar Riser(1#).
Leo-0055 Leo's Handlebar Riser(2#).
Leo-0056 Leo's Handlebar Riser(3#).Stainless steel
Leo-0057 100% Cowhide bag(1#) beside the rack under passenger seat. Completely handmade. Recommend.
Leo-0058 100% Cowhide bags (2#) with bracket can be installed on sidecar and beside motorcycle. Completely handmade.

100% Cowhide bag #3


Leo-0060 Columnar 100% cowhide bag (#4). Completely handmade.
Leo-0061 Cowhide glasses bag(#5).
Leo-0062 100% Cowhide holder for military shovel. handmade
Leo-0063 cowhide leather on sidecar bucket inside.
Leo-0064 cowhide seats cover. Comfortable, recommend.
Leo-0065 Leather tank short-sleeved sweater
Leo-0066 China Pilot helmet
Leo-0067 M88 Steel helmet
Leo-0068 Old style PLA first aid bag
Leo-0069 Stored 1980's Chinese army folding goggle.
Leo-0070 Cowhide side car cover for the passenger seat.
Leo-0071 Canvas side car cover for passenger seat.
Leo-0072 Canvas ░╦Ď╗ sidecar cover
Leo-0073 rain cover
Leo-0074 Luggage carrier over on the spare wheel for trips. Easy install, easy remove.
Leo-0075 BMW R71 style fuel tank